Will A.I. Become A Game-Changer in the E-Commerce Market?

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Written by Kay Leung, Marketing Executive


Shopping behaviors changed nowadays. Customers tend to visit online shops more often instead of visiting brick-and-mortar shops. They only need to sit at home and spend a few seconds to load the products on the Internet. Artificial Intelligence, which verifies its values in different industries, including healthcare and finance, is now transforming E-commerce. As an E-commerce business owner, there are three things you should know how A.I helps you.


1. A new way of searching capability

Time to say bye to text search! Most of the time, searching results are the determinant of whether the customers will continuous clicking or leaving. It is quite difficult to describe the products only by words. Images can actually explain more details. So, how about letting customers to search by images? Deep learning is integrating into the E-commerce business and improving the searching capability. You can customize your search engine based on your target audience’s needs. There is a new way of search called VISUAL SEARCH, also as Similar Image Search!Visual search capability allows customers to upload the product images and find the same or similar products. For example, a man can take a photo of the shoes he likes and upload it to the E-Commerce search site. By using the A.I. computer vision technology, it analyzes the image pattern, color, and style. Hence, it will suggest similar or the same products to customers. People only need to use your apps/websites and they can buy what they saw just now. This convenient your customers.


2. Personalized online shopping experience

A.I. is useful for identifying images, analyzing information, predicting trends and even giving recommendations. Some large E-Commerce sites like Amazon and Taobao are using the recommendation system to provide personalized services. Probably your E-Commerce business shop can increase customer loyalty by providing proper recommendations. However, it is very subtle to do this since it involves the analysis of tons of information. Traditional recommendation system uses the records from one channel or sales data history from the brick-and-mortar store. Merely, it is a limited and incomprehensive way because it is only based on unidirectional data.

A.I. now acts as a collaborative filtering to gather different useful information. The new recommendation system will generate results based on customer search histories, recent view records, new trends and even best sales. Your E-Commerce website or apps can provide relevant recommendations to customers and enhance their satisfaction. Thus, you can build long-term value-added relationship with them. So, What are you waiting for?


3. Assortment intelligence
A.I. can help you staying on the top among your competitors by monitoring sales and price. Assortment intelligence is one of the platforms to analyze your competitors and show you how they manage their products. You will know how you can stand out in terms of price, categories, and product types. Other than that, you can better manage your inventories and plan strategies for larger market share.

For example, you can discover which products are available in the market but not in your stores. Or even what types of products are overlapping with your store’s products. In this way, you can differentiate your store from the others. Besides, you will be able to know the product price over the entire product lifetime. Are you late to introduce this product or mark an unusual high price? This intelligent system answers your questions! NOW! Be ready to make your E-Commerce store more comprehensive!


E-Commerce is now a major trend. To compete with others in the market, it is time to add some A.I. revolution to your E-Commerce business now. Don’t miss the chance!! Check out more about airy at www.axon-labs.com/products/.



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