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What We Offer

Mobile Applications Development

We have solid 6+ years experiences and expertise in mobile applications development. Our products have been serving over 1,000,000 users in Hong Kong. In particular, we have the experience in mobile apps development that deliver information to users in an convenient way with customer-focused designs.

The mobile apps are backed with a wide range of third-party packages and infrastructures to implement additional functions in mobile apps, including innovative user interfaces, push notifications, social networking, and app usage analytics. In addition, we provide the groundbreaking artificial intelligence features so your mobile applications can outshine others in the market.

Our service package include:

  1. Project Planning
  2. Apps Design and Development
  3. Testing and Launching
  4. Maintenance

iOS and Android Apps Development

No matter you want your apps available on Apps Store or Google Play Store, we have a team of experts in iOS and Android SDK to build powerful apps. We have the extensive experience in developing mobile apps that work seamlessly on all mobile devices.


We turn your ideas into successful mobile apps by building strategies. We listen to your business needs and customized the best-fit mobile apps for your business to maximize the return in investment.

Robust back-end server architecture

We build robust server applications that can be deployed easily on any cloud services and can be easily scaled to support tens or thousands of daily active users. Make use of various database systems, including MySQL, MongoDB, or Cassandra, to handle large amount of data generated in the mobile apps.

App Analytics

Track user behaviours and app usage by integrating third party services such as Google Analytic (Firebase), Yahoo Flurry or Fabric. Client can also choose to use Axon Labs’s own analytic solution, which is able to collect usage data of individual users for in-house analytics.

Automatic and Personalised Push Notifications

Send personalised notifications to users on iOS and Android based on the user’s location, previous interactions with the app, or schedules pre-set notifications by the system administrator.

Recommendation Engine

Generate personalized recommended products, items or information to users based on their preferences, past purchase history, or pre-set interests.

A.I. Features

Integrate computer vision, speech recognition, speech synthesis, language translation features into the mobile app to provide better user experience. Implement these features using third-party APIs such as Google Vision API or Microsoft’s Cognitive Services API, or use customization APIs developed by Axon Labs.

Our Projects

Professional Services and Consultation

We provide professional services in system design and software development.
With our strong and multidisciplinary background in software engineering,
mobile apps development, data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing
and applied cognitive psychology, we offer tailored consultation and development services
to solve your problems and meet your needs in different areas.

Generate Insights from Your Data

Share with us the data of your business, and we will analyse the data, and help you identify hidden trends, customer spending behaviour, or correlations between sales of items. Confidentiality and security are strictly observed in handling your data.

Build a Recommendation System for Your Online Store

Have you ever thought of generating recommendations for your customers to increase sales? Our expertise in recommendation systems will be able to help. We are able to help you analyse the tastes of individual users and generate personalised recommendations for them in your e-commerce site.

Develop Applications for Training

Are you running a business and need to provide training to your staffs on a regular basis? Our e-learning technologies adopt adaptive learning and Bayesian modelling to generate effective and efficient training strategies, which can be embedded in a Website or a mobile app. This saves both of your time and money in training new staff!

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